A Sprinkling of Magic Storytelling Workbook

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How to Captivate your Audience with Inspiring Stories and Metaphors that Give Meaning to your Message


If you are a Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, Teacher, Business Leader or Educator, A Sprinkling of Magic is your complete Communicator’s resource.

When you share your stories you are enabling people to learn, assimilate and understand. As a leader in business or education, sharing stories shows your humanity and builds bridges the likes of which no other form of communication can do.

Much more than an interesting work book, A Sprinkling of Magic is a Comprehensive Resource Guide for developing your skills, confidence and expertise in storytelling. There are step by step processes for constructing your own stories and metaphors, a section on ‘Secret Magic Ingredients’ for enhancing your delivery style and peppered throughout are clear examples of how I have used stories for effect.

A Sprinkling of Magic shows you how to use storytelling to its best effect so you capture your audience’s hearts and minds. As well as sharing years of research and experience on how to use storytelling in your communication, A Sprinkling of Magic contains everything you want to turn a dry message into a memorable narrative.

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Hear what other people have to say about ‘A Sprinkling of Magic’

“A Sprinkling of Magic is superbly written and takes you through step by step becoming an expert in Storytelling. I have now added at least another 10 stories to my repertoire using Clare’s questioning techniques to build more resources for my stories. ‘101 Stories and Metaphors for Business and Life’ is an invaluable timesaver  and I am using the stories in every part of my life. THANK YOU Clare for what has now become ‘My Speaker’s Bible!” Elizabeth Cairns founder of Thrive

“What a fabulous resource! This book surpassed all my expectations in its accessibility and thoroughness. It covers everything I need to know to design and utilise storytelling in both my coaching and training work” Kaaren Brook, Director Coaching on Call

“What a fantastic resource for any professional speaker, educator, fact anyone that has a message to convey. A Sprinkling of Magic provides the reader with an unbelievable resource to draw upon and learn from so that they can practically and powerfully apply story telling into their own communications. A valuable tool and easy to read”. Sonja Bella, Founder of Global Weight Management

“As a professional speaker, writer and educator, I feel as though I have struck gold with this book. Clare Edward’s A Sprinkling of Magic is well written, informative, easy and enjoyable to read, and very easy to use. If you are in the business of using stories to convey your message, it’s hard to go past this fabulous resource”. Karen St. Clair, Director Schematica

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