101 Inspiring Stories and Metaphors for Business and Life

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Stories, Metaphors, Parables and Poems for inspiring people to action


“Tell me a Fact and I’ll Learn. Tell me a Truth and I’ll Believe. But tell me a Story and it will live in my Heart forever.” Indian Proverb

101 Stories and Metaphors for Business and Life is the perfect accompaniment to ‘A Sprinkling of Magic’. In this comprehensive downloadable resource, I have selected 101 stories, metaphors, speeches and poems that I use for effect when delivering my workshops and keynote speeches.

I began collecting stories in the mid 1990’s and used stories of my experiences in business to coach and mentor the teams I was managing. Since 1996 I have been using and studying metaphors as a way to embed lessons and learnings where the listener can perform their own interpretation. Communication is how I make my living and the feedback I get from my clients, workshop participants and speaking audiences is always about the power of the story. Sometimes the stories are from my life and experience and sometimes I come across a real gem of a story that is the perfect metaphor for my message.

Every story has been categorized for you to easily select those that support the message you want to convey. Examples of categories include leadership, change, resilience, values and attitude.

Stories have been sourced from business, parables, ancient cultures such as hasidic, sufi and zen stories. There are stories for everyone from all walks of life, for business and non business alike.

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“As a storyteller I loved these stories. Short and sweet with plenty of food for thought and room for retelling in your own unique voice. Thank you for compiling this. I will also get your other book to use in my story journey” 

“The book fulfils its promise and delivers numerous stories that one can use in speeches and workshops amongst many other things. There were some speeches and poems as well which I believe detracted from the purpose of the book although that did allow for variety. Great source of stories.”

“Awesome book if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration. Stories are also useful if you are a speaker or trainer of some sort.”

“Excellent collection of metaphors”

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